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BATIRKOL incorporates the full cycle of offshore software development services. We focus on providing managed dedicated teams and developing sophisticated enterprise applications.

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When you choose us, you'll feel the benefit of 10 years' experience of Web Development. Because we know the digital world and we know that how to handle it. With working knowledge of online, SEO and social media.

Modern Design

We use latest technology for the latest world because we know the demand of peoples.

Creative Design

We are always creative and and always lisen our costomers and we mix these two things and make beast design.

24 x 7 User Support

If our customer has any problem and any query we are always happy to help then.

Business Growth

Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it

Market Strategy

Holding back technology to preserve broken business models is like allowing blacksmiths to veto the internal combustion engine in order to protect their horseshoes.

Affordable cost

Love is a special word, and I use it only when I mean it. You say the word too much and it becomes cheap.

Batirkol Tech is the best software company in Bangladesh that takes full pride in its quality service. Over the years, Bangladesh has witnessed a significant improvement in its technological sectors, especially in developing modern software. Batirkol Tech has always managed to render quality services for its clients thanks to its highly qualified team and has become an invaluable part of Bangladesh’s success in technology.

Batirkol Limited takes pride in the expertises of its every team member and its clients’ satisfactions. As a result, Batirkol has successfully accomplished 100+ small and large projects for clients all over the world. It is the excellence and the ability to meet clients’ expectation with deadlines that have helped to reach Batirkol tech such a height to both our national and international clients as a Software company.

This software firm in Bangladesh maintains that creativity of an employee matters a lot as this helps render the best service with maximum client satisfaction. Therefore, creativity is highly encouraged in the workspace and to ensure the maximum output, all talented engineers are given training and motivation on a regular basis. We also get our team updated with the latest technology and help our clients get their customised software with 100% positive satisfaction. Our priority is to value all the opinions even if they come from the most junior member of our team. We believe this friendly environment leads our team to flourish in its field.

Our software firm in Dhaka has accommodated a group of engineers who have incredible expertise in Ruby on Rails, .Net, PHP, Java, Android. Our primary focus is on building up a long term relationship and so we provide our customers with quality services and the most efficient software, not to mention that we are highly committed and devoted to our work. Our unparalleled skills have already grabbed the attention of a plethora of clients both from Bangladesh and abroad. A good number of mobile applications have already launched and they are working absolutely fine for our clients . We work with Bequent, Secret Chat, Biometric Authentication, School Management and Point of Sale(POS) that help make our client’s life easier and allow them to focus on other important tasks at their office.

We are absolutely convinced that we are destined to become one of the top software development companies in Bangladesh and for this reason we have characterised ourselves to set examples for others about what to do when it comes to delivering quality products. We have never stopped developing something new and the best that would set a benchmark in the field. This motivation always pushes our team to work harder with integrity and a vision to go ahead.

The courage that our team has is absolutely extraordinary, and we believe our courage and relentless efforts will always be our company to fulfill our customer’s dream. We consider that your dream is bigger than us and this is why we work incessantly and put our best endeavour to design and develop a piece of software that will bring appreciation from our clients.

Our valuable Clients

Our mission is to deliver predictable results within time and budget constraints. That is why so many customers trust us.

Products & Portfolio

Decade-long track record of successful projects across various industry domains, technologies, and areas of expertise. Working with Batirkol you can be sure that we put all our experience at your disposal.

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Lobster Tail Seafood
Lobster Tail Seafood
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What makes us unique in the field ?

The word “Elite” should only go with the team or the software firm in Bangladesh that provides top class service and develops the most efficient software with advanced features. We proudly call ourselves the ELITE of this field. The only reason why we call ourselves that is because of our uniqueness and we can develop something very very special for our customers. We are featured with some marvellous qualities as mentioned and explained below:

 Team of Excellence

A team of excellence

We are a team of highly tech-savvy employees. All team members are highly professional and skilled. The team is always dedicated to produce the best quality software and help you get your most desired product. We inspire creativity in our working space and galvanize all staff to put their best efforts.

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We greatly prioritise our client’s satisfaction and endeavor all our efforts to consistently perform better. Clients who have taken our service are well-satisfied as we are always ready to support. We believe in reliability and maintain that our client is our asset and so we serve them accordingly.

Years of experiences

It has been more than 5 years since we launched our journey to assist people in the need of customised software. We have helped numerous clients throughout the years starting from just solving basic management software to sophisticated software.

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When it comes to our charge, we think of a number of aspects, the quality of the product, sustainability and efficiency. According to the feedback of all our clients, we charge a minimum fee, but provide the best service in web development services.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Our team of experts take pride in their tasks and we believe in professionalism. Our team members always pay attention to detail and output as we maintain top class quality in all our services. Before being delivered to our clients, our products are assessed and graded by a special team who take our product’s efficiency.

24/7 Support

24/7 supports

Our team is just a message away from you. You can ask your inquiry anytime and our team is ready to support you. We provide comprehensive support for software requirements & validation; process & workflow; change, configuration, and release management.


Batirkol provides world-class development services applying the latest web, mobile, desktop, and enterprise technologies.

If you can envision it, then we can design it.
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We are very excited to work with you and deal with your new project. We will never leave waiting hours after hours for a simple email. Our staff will reply to you back as soon as they receive your inquiry. At Batirkol, you will find everything very comfortable.

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